Melabeth is relentless in her pursuit of revenge. David joins her; no one who has wronged them is safe. Will revenge triumph over their need for love? Melabeth still battles for her true heart's desire, when a new kind of foe arrives. A foe that is stronger and worst of all, what he
wants, he gets… and he wants her! 
       Even with this new threat, she hunts down the rapists; one by one. In her victory, she terrorizes her most vulnerable victim and sees her plan come together flawlessly. Gradually an uneasy truth takes hold… the relief and peace Melabeth seeks, turns to dust. In the end, she will find the price for her revenge to be higher than she ever could imagine! 
       With twist and turns you'll never see coming, this is the second installment of the Melabeth series.

Down the path and follow me,
And into the darkness you will see 
For Love and Hate share one common goal
To devour another soul
Down roads where none have gone
To see what none has seen
Follow Melabeth, and what you’ll see
Is how her end, is the beginning of ME!