Dr. Weaver, Tome 1, The World of Empty Glasses

Welcome to Dr. Webb and Dr. Weaver family practice. You must be careful when practicing to weave a web of deceit, for the lie might become your life. Welcome to the future.
The world is overrun by monsters, only one place remains for humanity, Eden. Surrounded by walls, humans have survived the nightmare for over six hundred years. Thanks to the power of steam and magic a new world rises from the ashes. As the people of Eden try to reclaim the world, two children, Tom and Morgan fight, to find their place.
After a terrible attack that kills their parents, Morgan is left with no legs and only one arm. Tom is left to raise is crippled sister.` Events unfold, and thanks to quick action from the siblings, a newly required magic skill, and some creative lies, the children strike off to the big city of Eden. Lie after lie and some magic tricks, the brother and sister move their way up in the world. In this new life that Tom and Morgan created they are suddenly pulled into the politics of Eden. 
The question is, what lie, and who must they kill to live free? This book is a story of magic, steam, and finding one’s place in life. Welcome to the World of Empty Glasses!